My name is Edward Marsan Clarkson, and I am a graphic designer specialising in illustration, animation, branding, and product design.
Born in London UK, I spent most of my life growing up in Newcastle Australia. From a young age, through drawing, painting and ceramics, I have always loved creating both real and imagined worlds. 
The WORLDSCAPE COLLECTIVE product range has been in development since January 2021, with OVER 80 individual designs available in framed prints and other products. 
The works themselves are snippets of cities from around the world. Each one contains icons, symbols and features that represent the architecture, peoples, cultures and history of each individual city. From the works, the similarities shared by some cities can be appreciated as well as their differences.
It should come as no surprise to say I have a great love of cities and cultures, with many of my works inspired by this love I have for the differences we share across the world, moulded by thousands of years of growth, war, cultures, empires and religions.

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